Honors Housing


One of the most exciting aspects of attending U-M is living on-campus; and it is no different for students in Honors. Honors Housing is an option for Honors students who wish to extend their intellectual lives beyond the classroom and live in a community with like-minded peers.


You are not required to live in Honors Housing; you are welcome to choose to live in other residence halls if you wish. Students can be in Honors and also be members of one of the other Michigan Learning Communities (for example, the Residential College, Lloyd Hall Scholars, Michigan Community Scholars, Health Science Scholars, etc.) that do require students to live in their residence halls.


The Honors Program works closely with the Housing Office to accommodate the Honors students who wish to live in Honors Housing each year. However, because we can’t predict in advance the number of incoming and returning students who will request Honors Housing, space cannot be guaranteed. To increase your chances of getting a space in Honors Housing, you should indicate on your University Housing Application that you would like to live in Honors Housing and be sure to complete your Housing Application by the deadline specified on the Housing Application. 


As we have limited space in Honors Housing, you may not live with another student unless they are also in Honors; however, you can request to live in standard University Housing together.


Please note, however, that students must decide whether they will apply to Honors Housing or a residential learning community. Students who apply to a residential Michigan Learning Community on the Housing Application WILL NOT be eligible to live in Honors Housing, even if that application is unsuccessful. Students who are denied admission to a Michigan Learning Community will be placed in standard University Housing and, if eligible, can apply for Honors Housing the following year.


Use this link for additional information from University Housing. For more information about the Honors Housing Community and their activities throughout the 2018-19 academic year, use this link