Advantage Engagement

Honors offers personal advising for all students, beginning at New Student Orientation and continuing on through graduation.


During orientation, you'll meet one-on-one with an advisor three times, exploring your academic and career interests and matching them to your fall schedule. Honors Orientation includes an Academic Fair designed to introduce first-year students to the breadth and depth of LSA and Honors course offerings. You'll leave with a complete schedule and a better understanding of U-M systems, along with a few new friends.


Underlying all the coursework in Honors is the firm belief that students should take learning outside the classroom and engage in an Honors Senior Thesis--an independent study research project (for credit) under the direction of a faculty member. This allows you to concentrate on an area of particular interest, to develop intellectual relationships with members of the faculty and research staff, and to make more informed decisions about your long-range goals. You are encouraged to look for a research placement when you have had adequate preparation to make your participation useful to the project and interesting for you.


All Honors students receive weekly Honors newsletters about academic and community opportunities. Current U-M students can make appointments online; we recommend an appointment each semester in order to track your academic success and progress toward your degree.

Our Advising Team

Mika LaVaque-Manty

B.A. / Ph.D. /
Thurneau Prof
essor /
Director of Philosophy, Politics & Economics and Honors

Professor LaVaque-Manty is the Director of the Honors Program. He has taught the Honors Core Course 
The Games We Play

Lisa Broome
B.A. / M.A. / Ph.D. / Associate Director

Dr. Broome is the Honors Program Associate Director, Senior Advisor, and the chair of the Honors Academic Board.

Stephanie Chervin

B.S. / Ph.D / Senior Pre-Health Advisor

John Cantu

B.A. / M.A. / Academic Advisor

Stephanie Chervin is a Senior Advisor, member of the Honors Academic Board, and a Pre-Health Advisor working with Honors students interested in a career in medicine.

Denise Guillot

B.A. / Ph.D / Senior Pre-Law Advisor

Denise Guillot is a Senior Advisor, member of the Honors Academic Board, and a Pre-Law Advisor working with Honors students interested in careers within the legal field.

John Cantu is an Academic Advisor and member of the Honors Academic Board.

Gayle Green

B.A. / A.M. / A.B.D. /

Assistant Director

Gayle Green is the Honors Assistant Director, a Senior Advisor, member of the Honors Academic Board and manages the admissions process, including Campus Day visits.​

Henry Dyson

B.A. / M.A. / Ph.D. /
Senior Advisor/Director, Office of National Scholarships & Fellowships 

Henry Dyson is a Senior Advisor. He is also the Director of the Office of National 
Scholarships & Fellowships (ONSF), which is housed within Honors.


Over 40% of our incoming classes surveyed plan a career in the medical field. Honors advisors are experienced in preparing students for this path. Our program graduates boast an 80% acceptance rate to medical school.


Due to their wide-ranging academic interests and research, Honors students are well-placed for scholarships offered by our program, throughout the university, and beyond. You'll find more information at this link about the support you will find here.